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Fairmined Metal
Fairmined Metal
Our Fairmined metals are extracted by empowered and responsible small-scale and artisanal miners.
Reclaimed Metal
Reclaimed Metal
We use recycled metals processed by refiners in the United States that share our vow to minimize environmental impacts.
To us, an ethical diamond isn’t just certified as conflict-free. We go deeper; working with a fully traceable supply chain, from mine to market.
Colored Stones
Colored Stones
Our colored gemstones are traceable from mine to market. We work with established mines and support new efforts in responsible mining.
Pave Stones
Pave Stones
Traceability is often deemed too difficult for small stones. We believe that every stone matters, and we were the first to bring traceable, ethical baguette diamonds to the market.
Responsible Labor
Responsible Labor
We’ve made a commitment to support healthy and happy working conditions for our entire supply chain, from miners to jewelers, and the larger communities that support them.
Jewelry That Reflects Our Values
Bario Neal began as the collaborative work of designers Anna Bario and Page Neal who began working together with the shared idea that our most precious things come with a story. Disillusioned by industry standards that turned a blind eye to metal and gemstone mining’s environmental and human tolls, the designers began to envision how to make jewelry of lasting value and ethical origins. Today, Bario Neal is an industry leader in ethical sourcing and progressive manufacturing. A belief in the right to love and marry whomever and however you choose is one of the core principles of Bario Neal’s jewelry.
Love Is For Everyone
Bario Neal is a longtime supporter of LGBTQIA rights and worldwide marriage equality. The choice to marry is a human right that must be protected for all people. In the U.S., the history-making Supreme Court decision that paved the way for marriage equality has not ended discrimination, as the legislation coming out of statehouses across the country has shown all too clearly. At Bario Neal, we work to undermine and eliminate the presumption of heterosexuality that pervades much of the wedding and jewelry industry. Supporting unity and advocating for human rights within the jewelry industry is a non-negotiable part of our mission.
Heavy Metals, Small Footprint
Bario Neal jewelry is crafted with precious metals that have been carefully sourced to reflect our commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability. Bario Neal was one of the first jewelry companies to participate in the Fairmined Assurance label, and we now proudly offer Fairmined gold extracted by empowered and responsible small-scale and artisanal miners. The Fairmined certification is supported by a third party auditing system that ensures that all participating miners meet rigorous environmental and social standards. We also work closely with US refineries that share our vow to minimize environmental impacts while producing recycled precious metals.
Gems That Outshine Conflict-Free
When we began making our jewelry, there were few resources available for ensuring that stones could be traced back to mines that shared our commitment to environmental responsibility, fairness and human rights. Through persistent research, industry outreach, and direct support for sustainable mining organizations and initiatives, we have forged higher standards that we are proud to adhere to with all of our diamonds and colored gemstones. Our search for ethical excellence has led us to pursue industry firsts, from custom-cut ethical origin baguette diamonds to traceable pave diamonds and colored gemstones. We guarantee our diamonds are fully traceable and primarily of recycled, Australian, Canadian, and Namibian origin. All of our recycled gemstones have been repurposed from old stock or other jewelry, which requires no industrial processes and avoids further human or environmental impacts.
Conscientious Design and Craft
Bario Neal jewelry is made by hand in our Philadelphia studio. Our progressive design process allows us to create objects of lasting value with minimal environmental impacts, from mine to market. We strive for our beliefs to shine through all of our business practices – from incorporating environmentally low-impact practices in our studio and stores, to supporting our fellow artisans on Philadelphia’s historic Jewelers’ Row, to encouraging sustainable local economies globally through partnerships with other organizations, many of them women-owned and operated, like our own business. Our impact is not limited to our own operations; we work to introduce ethical principles and solutions to the industry at large through sharing best practices and research. Owners Anna Bario and Page Neal are founding members of both the Ethical Metalsmiths Jewelers Directory and the Ethical Sourcing Consortium, and Anna serves on the board of Ethical Metalsmiths.


Namibian Diamonds

Bario Neal offers traceable diamonds that are responsibly mined on a small scale in Namibia. Each diamond comes with a Namibian Sol brand certification card verifying the mine of origin as well as the cutting and polishing facility. In order to provide jobs to those who live near the mines and cutting facility, and to regulate environmental impact, the diamond mining industry in Namibia is highly regulated. All Namibian mines must have a rehabilitation plan in place that goes into effect once a mine has closed. The environmental team that monitors the mines works closely with external stakeholders, researchers, mining operators, and support services to ensure the viability and longevity of the environmental management at each mine. Namibian mines are certified according to the ISO 14001 standard, or the International Organization for Standardizations system for environmental management.

Our Namibian diamonds are cut and polished in a facility in Windhoek, Namibia's capital. The facility is modern, safe, and comfortable. Locals receive training at all levels, including managerial, to provide better employment opportunities that will help boost the Namibian economy. Workers are paid well and receive comprehensive health benefits. The facility works to minimize the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on its workforce--levels of HIV within this community are below the national average.

The sale of Namibian diamonds provides financial support, healthcare, and education opportunities for the people and communities surrounding the mines. Approximately $6 million USD, or Namibian $80 million, goes to mining communities annually in the form of bursaries, sponsorships, environmental funding, town maintenance, wellness, and financial support for the hospital and school local to the mining communities. Learn More

Australian Diamonds

Australian diamonds are ethical, traceable gemstones. Bario Neal works with white (or colorless), champagne, cognac, pink, and yellow diamonds from Australia. Our Australian diamonds come from the Argyle Diamond Mine in the East Kimberley region of northwestern Australia. Australia has laws in place mandating that all mining companies adhere to environmental and labor practices that aren’t devastating to people and our planet when extracting natural resources like diamonds. Many point to Australia as a global leader in how to restore ecosystems and rehabilitate lands stripped by mining operations after mines close. Our traceable Australian diamonds have “Origin Australia” certification that includes a size description and document number. Most of our Australian diamonds are cut and polished in India facilities in either Mumbai, Valsad, or Surat (some are cut in Australia), to ensure fair labor practices. Our suppliers visit the cutting and polishing facilities, which can be the site of harsh labor practices, to confirm fair and healthy working conditions. Learn More

Canadian Diamonds
Whether you’re drawn to a traditional round diamond or a rose cut diamond, we have an ethical Canadian diamond source to fit your design. Our ethical Canadian diamonds come from Northwest Territories mines, where the governments have taken steps to ensure that mining operators are accountable for their impact on the environment and have mandated mitigation of extractive mining’s damage. The mining and production of all Canadian diamonds is subject to the strict standards set by the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct and the government of the Northwest Territories, designed to protect the Arctic environment, mine workers, and surrounding communities. Canadian diamond mines are monitored by independent organizations that are partnerships of the local and federal governments, the mine, and neighboring communities, the majority of which are Aboriginal groups.

Canadian diamonds are fully traceable, thanks to robust certification programs from suppliers like

Canadamark. Many popular diamond cuts, such as round diamonds, automatically come with sourcing paperwork, but Bario Neal can provide Canadian origin certificates upon request. Such certification doesn’t just ensure that a diamond is of Canadian origin — but also that it has been responsibly cut and polished in Canada, India, China, or Belgium in approved facilities. (Some of the harshest labor practices exist in this lesser-known side of the industry.) Bario Neal’s round brilliant white diamonds and fancy cut diamonds from Canada over .25 carat come with Gemological Institute of America certification too. Learn More

Recycled Diamonds (no mining required)

Bario Neal’s recycled diamonds and antique diamonds (recycled diamonds with an antique cut) are just like a diamond mined this week: a durable, lasting precious gemstone of high value. They’re repurposed from old stock or other jewelry. While we can’t tell the conditions under which recycled diamonds were initially mined decades or even centuries ago, recycled diamonds are a sustainable choice because no new mining is required, which means averting environmental and human impacts now. Every Bario Neal recycled diamond has been professionally cleaned. Those larger than .35 carats also come with the same Gemological Institute of America certification that accompanies newly mined diamonds. Learn More 

Recycling a diamond won’t directly benefit communities that large-scale corporate mines have historically damaged, both environmentally and economically. So when Bario Neal buys new diamonds, we partner with miners and suppliers to get only responsibly sourced, traceable stones from places that today are working to improve the industry’s environmental and human rights records. We also contribute to nonprofit organizations that foster environmentally sensitive gemstone and precious metal extraction and promote practices that result in healthy, locally managed economies.

Antique Cut Diamonds
Recycled diamonds are a chance to get a stone cut using techniques of years gone by that evokes another era or design style, from Victorian and Edwardian to Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Antique cuts include Old European diamond cut and rose cut diamonds. Recycling antique cut diamonds also means avoiding new mining and its environmental and human impact. All of Bario Neal’s antique diamonds are graded and appraised by a diamond expert. They can be GIA certified for an additional cost. Learn More
Heirloom Diamonds

Diamonds have been a meaningful investment for people for centuries, and many families have jewelry they treasure — but doesn’t exactly fit their style. The good news: You can reset heirloom diamonds into new ethical jewelry and add another page to your family history. 

Not all jewelers work with heirloom diamonds, but Bario Neal loves the chance to create meaningful jewelry using these storied gems. Resetting an heirloom diamond is a way to honor the past and stay true to the modern you. We handcraft custom designed jewelry and personalize pieces from our collection with heirloom diamonds. With any heirloom diamond over one-quarter carat, once the stone is removed from a setting, we get it appraised if a client hasn’t already, for insurance purposes.

By choosing to use a diamond from your family jewelry box and not buying brand new, you’re averting the environmental impacts of diamond mining and lab grown diamond manufacturing. Heirloom diamonds also mean more affordability in custom design because you’re not buying a gemstone. (Prices vary, so your best bet is to get an estimate from our team.)  Learn More

Raw Diamonds

Bario Neal offers fully traceable raw diamonds (also known as rough diamonds) that bring eye-catching geometry to fine jewelry designs from classic solitaires to cluster rings. According to the Gemological Institute of America, “Indian jewelers have long recognized the beauty of uncut gemstones. The tradition of using them is centuries old, and it still continues in modern design houses.”

Aside from the beautiful, natural characteristics that make each raw diamond one-of-a-kind, designing with these stones means avoiding the cutting and polishing processes. Bario Neal is firmly committed to the ethical sourcing of all gemstones and precious metals, and clients looking for ethical, traceable diamonds can feel good about raw diamonds too. Many of the human rights abuse issues associated with the diamond industry happen in the cutting and polishing process. With raw diamonds, there is no cutting and polishing, so that risk is largely eliminated. Learn More
Melee Diamonds

Melee diamonds may be small diamonds, but carat weight doesn’t stop them from being the shining stars of small stone rings, eternity diamond bands, cluster rings, and halo rings. Melee diamonds come in all colors, from champagne diamonds to black diamonds. They are typically less than 0.18 carat, though the diamond sizes considered to be melee vary depending on the country. 

Ensuring melee diamonds come from an ethical source is challenging. Many suppliers don’t want to do the extra legwork necessary for full traceability for such small gemstones. Additionally, with larger stones, traceability can be achieved by laser-inscribing a unique tracking number on each stone, a process that is cost-prohibitive or even impossible for smaller stones. However, at Bario Neal, we’re committed to handcrafting ethical jewelry. Our newly mined melee diamonds are fully traceable, from Australia or Canada. Our recycled melee diamonds are repurposed from old stock or other jewelry, which means we can’t know for sure what original mining conditions were. But as no new mining is required, recycled melee diamonds diminish the human and environmental impact of mining. Learn More

Black Diamonds
While high quality diamonds have traditionally been of highest clarity with no coloration, black diamonds have gained popularity in recent years. They are still more affordable than traditional diamonds, as the rating standards have not changed. Because of their lower price point, there is less economic incentive for suppliers to trace black diamonds to their origin. As with melee diamonds, they are traditionally sorted by likeness and quality rather than by origin, making it difficult to trace them back to their mine of origin. Bario Neal has worked hard to find a source that meets our rigorous standards, and we now source our black diamonds through a trusted ethical buyer who travels to three different mines in Brazil, Canada, and Australia. These diamonds, like all black diamonds, are irradiated to make them consistently black throughout. Learn More
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