What Do Birthstones + Zodiac Stones Really Mean? We Asked an Astrologer

How do you feel about your birthstone? Did you realize that you also have a zodiac stone or stones? At Bario Neal, we help our clients create ethically-sourced jewelry – and oftentimes,  this involves gemstones which they feel a connection to in some way. Maybe it’s an heirloom stone from a significant family member. Maybe it’s the birthstone of a son or daughter. Maybe a couple mined their own stones and want us to help design a piece with them (yes, this has happens!). We have always loved the process of helping clients choose meaningful, ethically-sourced gemstones to wear, and we’re interested to hear from an astrologer and energy healer who uses gemstones in her practice what her perspective on birthstones and zodiac stones is. Rebecca Conran, a Certified Holistic Health Coach who teaches a variety of holistic and healing classes – including Astrology classes, indulged us in an informative and inspiring discussion about our connection to stones, how they can help us, and how to break the “rules” in choosing which ones are right for you.

How do you feel about birthstones? Do you think they actually correlate to Astrology?

I don’t personally feel a connection to birthstones, but I can definitely see the relation between zodiac stones and different planets and zodiac signs. Many people might feel drawn to their zodiac stone, but I don’t really. I’m a cancer born in July, but Rubies don’t really do it for me. Perhaps this is because when it comes to the birth chart and our personal astrology, we are so much more than our sun sign. In astrology, more than the Sun sign, someone’s Moon/Venus sign is going to tell you more accurately what their aesthetics and personal tastes are. 

Precious stones carry different healing vibrations, so another thing that strikes me in terms of zodiac/birthstones is that I’m not sure if you need more of your zodiac (Sun sign) energy. Let’s say you are a water sign like me. More water in terms of the healing stones you wear might lead to energy overload; it could stimulate too much of an element you are already in possession of. I believe that sometimes you need the opposite energy of your sign for balance. If you are very watery, you might need more of an earth energy. If you are Earthy, you might need more fire. Life is about balance, and I think this also relates to the materials we wear that have subtle energetic frequencies.

What suggestions do you have for people who want to represent their birthday with a gemstone in jewelry but don’t like their birth or zodiac stone?

With stones, essential oils or anything that you may choose to personally support you, follow your intuition. Whenever you are drawn to something via touch, smell, sight, you are connecting to it through your sensory feeling, yes – but also through your intuitive guidance. My suggestion would be go with what appeals to you visually, or what feels good when you pick it up. You’ll be so validated when you go to look up what that stone is and see that the qualities it holds vibrationally are probably exactly what you need. I am a big fan of connecting to what we need on the intuitive level rather than on an intellectual level. 

Again, even though I’m a Sun sign Cancer, I’ve never been drawn to rubies. In general, I am drawn to more ethereal lighter tones and maybe that is softening some element that is in me that needs balance. Follow your tastes even if they are shifting from moment to moment because our tastes are always showing us we need. Using an intuitive process, you’ll probably have a lot more happy jewelry wearers.

“…our tastes are always showing us what we need.”

What suggestions do you have for people who want to represent a loved one’s birthday with a gemstone in jewelry, but don’t know if using a birthstone or zodiac stone is the right choice?

If you go by the intuitive process it’s going to be something that somebody likes a lot more than if you go by the book. Instead of referencing the sign, try to describe the person in 3 words. “Energetic, Emotional, Assertive” – knowing that would tell me that someone could use some earthy energy. Or ask yourself, what’s their favorite color? Or what is their favorite flower? That would give you much more information about their energy and what stones they would like rather than their birthstone. 

I think there is nothing worse than a gift that doesn’t suit you. It’s hard to receive those presents sometimes. When someone gets you something and it’s just not you, you can feel really unseen and unheard. We are so dynamic and there is so much more to us than these mainstream concepts like zodiac/birth stones; if we just take a moment to listen to our instincts, we know better what is best for us than a stone chart format.

What gemstones do you wear in jewelry for their healing properties?

I wear a lot of opal. Probably because I am working with my Libra in Saturn so opal helps me connect to what I want to do in my earth work. Libra is a sign of balance, and the element of air – calling in the some necessary tools like more reasoning energy for this emotional watery crab. 

I also wear a lot of malachite. I started wearing malachite when I started commuting between upstate New York & Brooklyn. Malachite is a great stone when traveling because it is very grounding. You have to wear it with care though because it is such a strong healing stone, so sometimes when I am in an Energy Healing session with my clients I’ll take my jewelry off! Some stones will draw you into a healing space that you don’t need at the moment. Sometimes if you are not in a place to stimulate the healing, a healing stone can be too intense, so choose your jewelry with intention.

How do you use crystals?

I use stones in personal healing and in sessions with my clients, I work with the Chakra systems in my Energy Healing but again, I use my senses to choose what is right in the moment. For the novice, you can also do this at home. The 7 main chakras are color coded (a simple google search will show you where on the rainbow each chakra falls). Whatever color stone is similar to the chakra field is good for that energy center. Feeling really drawn to deep red stones? Your Root chakra would appreciate the grounding. Yellow? Your Solar Plexus needs a little self worth/esteem support, and so on. 

You can also go by feelings, if someone is really anxious, look for a stone that is in the Root Chakra color family – again, for grounding and earthing. If someone has a broken heart or grief, go with a stone that mimics the heart chakra – aqua, pale green, pale pink. I do think that there are some stones that are universally good for everyone when used intuitively like tourmaline, lapis lazuli, amethyst, selenite, rose quartz and labradorite – these are just great stones to have at home on hand for your personal healing.

How do you feel about gemstone trends?

If you look at where trends in general stem from, it usually comes from someone who has a unique sense of self that others have followed. I feel like because people are so disconnected from their creativity, and really their feminine energy, they ride the creative coattails of others. When we see the fads that blast off to outer space, it’s kind of a cultural creative laziness that I’m not a huge fan of. Perhaps social media has made it more easy to lack creativity. I enjoy a multitude of trends from throughout time, but at the same time I don’t follow trends. I try to just listen to myself: “What do I like today?”, “What feels nice to me?” And then I choose based on what I feel, not what I think is cool or what I think others will like.

Rebecca Conran is a certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach (CHHC) and certified Energy Healer. She was Senior Practitioner at Maha Rose Center for Wellness in Brooklyn, NY from 2012 until February 2017 when she embarked on her own private practice. Over the last 8 years she has taught many wellness classes on Energy Healing, Astrology, Empath Empowerment, Inner Child Healing and more as well as working with thousands of clients one-on-one to overcome addiction, anxiety and depression. She is a psychic medium and clairsentient, meaning she has the ability to experience and feel another person’s emotional states. She is able to clearly pinpoint areas of dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit, and with her knowledge of wellness and nutrition as well as energy healing, she brings her clients back into balance holistically. Tune in weekly to her Energy Report Astrology Podcast, “New Story with Rebecca Conran” – available wherever podcasts are streamed. www.RebeccaConran.com