Resetting an Heirloom Diamond

Custom designing jewelry with heirloom diamonds or resetting an heirloom diamond is a way to honor the past and stay true to the modern you. Diamonds have been a meaningful investment for people for centuries, and many families have jewelry they treasure — but doesn’t exactly fit their style. The good news: You can reset heirloom diamonds into new ethical jewelry and add another page to your family history. 

Not all jewelers work with heirloom stones, but Bario Neal loves the chance to create meaningful jewelry using these storied gems. We love looking at old jewelry and hearing our clients’ stories behind them. Custom design a cluster ring with your gr andmother’s diamond as the centerpiece. Find inspiration in this Custom Heirloom Diamond and Garnet Cluster Ring. Personalize jewelry from the Bario Neal collection, such as the Avens Diamond Ring, using a diamond passed down through generations. This Custom Heirloom Diamond & Melee Cluster Ring combines stones from two families of our now-married clients. The older rings were dated, and we worked to modernize and reset all the stones into an artistic, one-of-a-kind setting. Here’s all you need to know about resetting heirloom diamonds with Bario Neal. 

◉ Badly damaged gemstones might crack or chip when pulled out of old jewelry, but if our sales team isn’t sure a diamond can be safely extracted and reset into a new personalized ring for you, we’ll get a second opinion from another expert stone setter.

◉ While we mostly custom design with heirloom diamonds that arrive to us set in old jewelry, we will work with clients who have loose heirloom stones too. One of our clients had an heirloom diamond his gr andfather had received as an award but never had set.

◉ With any heirloom diamond over one-quarter carat, once the stone is removed from a setting, we get it appraised if a client hasn’t already, for insurance purposes.

◉ Heirloom diamonds mean more affordability in custom design because you’re not buying a gemstone. Prices vary, so your best bet is to get an estimate from our team.

◉ By choosing to use a diamond from your family jewelry box and not buying br and new, you’re also averting the environmental impacts of diamond mining and lab grown diamond manufacturing.

◉ You don’t have to live near one of our showrooms in Philadelphia or New York City for a h andcrafted custom design with heirloom diamonds. We work with clients all over the world through email and phone. You’ll start by having the heirloom stones you want to use removed from old pieces by a trusted jeweler where you live. You’ll also need to get an appraisal and insure the stones before shipping them to Bario Neal. Our team can create insured shipping labels and walk you through the process of sending your heirloom materials to us.

If you have family jewelry with heirloom diamonds you’re curious about — or you have a piece with a diamond you love but a setting you don’t, make an appointment at a Bario Neal showroom in Philadelphia or New York City. Fill out our Custom Design Questionnaire and get started by phone or email today.