How to Match Your Partner’s Style With the Perfect Engagement Ring

If you’re planning a surprise proposal with an engagement ring (here’s a helpful how-to!), Bario Neal can help you figure out what style of ring will match your love’s taste. If you l anded here after taking our quiz, “What’s Your Partner’s Engagement Ring Style?” here are dozens of ring recommendations to fit four styles: natural, contemporary, classic, and experimental. If you missed the quiz, take it here!

Engagement Rings That Fit a Natural Style

Your partner was into flea market finds long before that was a thing. Has a closet of cotton and earthy colors. Can’t take a beach walk without picking up at least one piece of driftwood.

  • The free-form lines of our Gale Rose Cut Diamond Ring will resonate with someone who embraces the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which is about appreciating the h andcrafted over the machine made.
  • Hammered metal gives our Crescent Diamond Ring a natural feel, while the setting for five ethical diamonds keeps the look grounded for the person who favors campfires over fireworks.

  • For an engagement ring without a diamond or colored gemstone: Our h andcrafted aesthetic is evident in each and every of our textured bands, like our Aldine B and, which st ands out with a classic metal braid. Our reticulated bands, like the Reticulated Three B and, are shaped by heating and quenching metal, and the Weathered Bronze and Gold B and has a patina that says its wearer prefers the scenic route.
Engagement Rings That Fit a Contemporary Style

Your partner feels most at home in a modern art gallery or a city park. Packs one tote bag for your three-day romantic getaways. Marie Kondo doesn’t have any tips that your spouse-to-be doesn’t already intuitively underst and.

  • Minimalist doesn’t equal plain. If you’re proposing to a person who longs for clean lines and cringes at clutter, our Aira Diamond Ring plays up the strength and beauty of streamlining.
  • Our Emerald Ray Ring is a classic solitaire with a modern twist that fits a contemporary style. If your love’s color scheme runs more to black- and-white basics, our Half-Moon Black Jade Ring makes an engagement ring with color that’s bold but delicate.

Engagement Rings That Fit a Classic Style

Your partner says “no thank you” to fads. Knows all the details of your family traditions. Asks a vintage furniture dealer for the real story behind that h and-carved poster bed.

Engagement Rings That Fit an Experimental Style

Your partner rearranges the furniture at least twice a year. Gets excited over Pantone’s annual color of the year announcement (hello 2019’s “Living Coral) — but scoffs at fashion “rules” ( and probably most rules for that matter).

  • For an engagement ring without a diamond or colored gemstone: Our Senna Bands, with enamel choices in red, blue, black, and white, make a st and for color without a gemstone in sight. If you propose with more than one of these bands, your partner gets to have fun with stacking rings or swapping them depending on the outfit of the day.   

Not sure how to define your partner’s style? Torn between two of the styles above? At Bario Neal, we love to help people find the engagement ring that’s right for them, and we know that jewelry is a personal way to celebrate a commitment and also reflect your partner’s personality. Our engagement ring quiz is a good start, but it’s just the beginning of the fun. (The proof is in our “8 Ways to Simplify Engagement Ring Shopping.”) Make an appointment to visit our Philadelphia or New York City showroom today and find the right ring to match your partner’s style.